We are a team of entrepreneurs who see the opportunity to do meaningful work in a meaningful context.

Core Team: Benjamin Gräub // Tatjana De Kerros // Rasmus Nutzhorn // Florian Gander // Raphael Richterich (Ricola Linking person and board member)

Extended Team: Karsten Bagger //

Partners: Impact Hub Zurich // Trouble // The Port at Cern // SHIFT Zurich // Red or Blue Labs // Binkert Partnerinnen

Herb Tech Network: Cristina Riesen // Niels Rot //Evelyn Wolfram // Daniel Frei // Abril Mulato Salinas // Guillermo Cevallos // Boris Moshkovits // Emilie Rogg // Isabella Pasqualini // Marc Dusseiller // Nina Zhao-Seiler // Ruzbeh Tadj // and many more...